Back to School Tips

We are big believers in life being what you make of it, even when things don't go according to plan (ahem, 2020.) So yes, while back to school and the upcoming fall season look different this year, there's still ways to finish this year strong and get ready for an outstanding 2021. Check out our tips for success below!
Establishing a Sleep Schedule
Head back to school energized and focus with the help of a regimented sleep schedule. If your student has been pulling long hours soaking up the summer sun, start to slowly transition their bedtime to ensure they get their needed rest. Pro tip: Set your alarm clock a little earlier each day to help adjust for the return to school. 
Daily Routine
Now that you have established a sleep schedule, you can figure out a morning routine to prepare students for the day ahead. Determine what will be worn, what supplies will be needed, meal preparation, etc. When in doubt, create a checklist to help guide you through the day.
Create a Workspace
Whether your student will be e-learning or in-person, an organized workspace can help keep them stay focused and engaged. Provide them with the necessary supplies to help conquer their day! 
Meal Preparation 
Start the school year off with some great habits. From breakfast to dinner and every snack in between, try to plan out meals in advance to save time throughout the week. Here are some family-fun recipes that are great for the new school year!
We hope these tips help you and your family make the most out of back to school season this year despite the challenges. Looking for more inspiration? Head over to our Instagram page for our Compass Principles of Entrepreneurship series. It's sure to serve up a fresh dose of motivation!

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