Four Ways To Update Your Property for the Fall Market

Recently, we were at a property and our client asked us, "Is this a real fireplace?" We're telling you this because: 1) Florida homes do occasionally have fireplaces and 2) They should be regularly cleaned especially if you are considering putting your home on the market. We've gathered a few easy ways to update your property to prepare for the fall market.
Tidy Up the Yard
We may not get true fall foliage like our northern neighbors but we still have bright blooms on tropical trees that need to be tended to.
/ Rake dead leaves and trim overgrown weeds
/ Cut tree limbs that block the exterior of the house
Create Autumn Curb Appeal
We like opting for soft colored flowers and chic white pumpkins to keep that coastal feel all year round while incorporating a bit of fall.
/ Plant flowers like geraniums or snapdragons for a fall touch
/ Add accents of pumpkins or squash to your front porch
Wipe Down Windows
Windows can become very dull and dirty looking especially coming out of our rainy season.
/ Make sure to dust off windows and wash screens each season
/ Clean windows so no smudges appear from fingerprints or pets
Clean Out the Fireplace
Yes, even in Florida!
/ Wipe down and vacuum the fireplace if it hasn't been used in months
These simple updates will have your home looking cozy, ready for the holiday season and stand out to potential buyers. Call us for more information on the real estate market in your neighborhood!

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