The Pam & Toni Team are Ranked Top 25 Producers of Compass Florida by The Wall Street Journal

The Pam & Toni Team
Founding Agents, Compass Boca Raton
433 Plaza Real, Suite 275
Boca Raton, FL 33432
m: 636.579.6545
Regional Headquarters
1200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 103
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33301
February 25, 2019
Boca Raton, Florida - Florida's Top Producers of 2018 were released by Compass and The Pam & Toni Team is pleased to be recognized as one of the 25 Top Producing Teams. This esteemed accomplishment is to be featured in the April 2019 Issue of The Wall Street Journal. 
By living out the eight core entrepreneurship principles that set Compass apart, The Pam & Toni Team is an industry pioneer, setting the standard for client service. These eight core principles are as follows:
1 Dream Big 
2 Move Fast 
3 Learn From Reality 
4 Be Solutions Driven 
5 Obsess About Opportunity
6 Collaborate without Ego 
7 Maximize Your Strengths
8 Bounce Back with Passion
"We've always been focused on obsessing about opportunities, which is why our clients refer to us again and again. Our decision to join Compass opened doors for both us and our clients. Compass is an opportunistic and nurturing company. The network, support, technology, and culture are key reasons we joined. Compass' resources help us better leverage our expertise which ultimately benefits our clients each and every day." 
Press Contacts:
Jackie Gilliland
Licensed Marketing Manager
The Pam & Toni Team

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With a steadfast commitment and solid reputation in the South Florida real estate sector, The Pam and Toni Team’s reliability and high-achieving performance characterizes their ability to go above and beyond for their clientele.
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