The THIRD Home

We often talk about the importance of second-home buyers, but there is a new trend emerging as buyers are purchasing third and even fourth homes. Why? Just like other assets, real estate assets can be diversified, too!

Here are some possible reasons as to why this group is purchasing multiple homes:

1. When traveling for business or vacation, you can skip the hotel and opt instead for the privacy and safety of your own home.

2. New outlets (Airbnb and the likes) make short term renting easier and help pay for the property.

3. Some are buying additional homes next door to their existing homes for family to keep them close.

4. Hard assets like real estate are a great hedge against inflation especially as building and land costs keep rising.

5. You are able to enjoy the best each home has to offer. Think Boca or Delray in the winter and Aspen in the summer!

A waterfront home with a dock for boating, a mountain chalet with close proximity to ski slopes, a big city residence with a big city view...sounds great to us! Whether you are looking for an additional home in Florida or another region, we're here to help.

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